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india oh geez i'm a believer in the going to join me the job should be a movie that's a good way to turn the branding period during the george weston to school until you can a little closer mission viejo sedona to go clear this is the county was that you know as a treat. today's news and this means top stories grief and despair in norway as the country mourns the victims of its first ever terrorist attack the suspect admits to killing dozens of its quick tell atrocities . and is very brave it says he was targeting a lower and i'm the killing of more than annoying to people was a mystery measure will bring more details in a few moments. the e.u. reaches out a helping hand to greece agreeing on a new player while the clouds gather around the couple of euro after the storm spain also struggling with severe financial goals. you can add to rupert murdoch
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faces investigation in the u.s. until your alleged phone hacking by his media firm that southard being grilled of britain over the scandal that shocked the least politicians and the press. just after eight pm in the russian capital you're watching r t thanks for being with us now to our top story the ends hard norwegian nation shaken by friday's killing rampage is mourning ninety three people massacred in the also bombing and youth count shooting prime minister yes stoltenberg has said that today since the attacks have felt like an eternity of the brain suspects anders breivik has told police he was solely responsible for the atrocities are to establish has more. the suspect has admitted the crime he says it was an appalling yet necessary act and he
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adds that it was needed to shake up norwegian society he claimed it wasn't a crime more details are emerging about the suspect but he posted a bizarre fifteen hundred page book where he says how to make a bomb and i quote once you decide to strike it's better to kill too many of them not enough or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike there are also violence anti muslim views on that site now to just remind you what happened there was a call bomb here explosion here in the city center government headquarters and just a few hours later apparently he traveled to just outside all flow to an island where gathered in a police uniform he took the children around him he had a gun and because of the close here the children were expecting that there were lots of policemen with guns around at the time so they weren't surprised by that and then he began to shoot shouting i'll kill everyone everyone must die now we have new pictures of us women people swimming full survival. for their lives hiding
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in the rocks of a ten year old boy being rescued now today is a day of mourning there's a memorial service being held just a few hundred meters from here in oslo cathedral and the court hearing is on monday the police say there still may be more casualties up to ninety seven recorded and there is criticism that it's an hour to an l. and a half off the receiving information of the attack on the island that it took them over an hour to get to the scene and to stop the massacre there's also been criticism they were looking for muslims that initially they were saying it was a muslim attack the police say that it was difficult to get to the island they had to find transport their stories are emerging of immense heroism of people who rescued fellow victims and went back into the area here in the city center but also there is growing criticism here in oslo. integration policies which seem to have backfired more now in this report brave christine it will cool was. called bomb
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explosion in days and surrounded by broken clothes she stayed in the last zone to help the wounded to wait this just standing tough thing and then suddenly it just faded it's not like i caught a fish just waiting for your body. like last bits in their eyes how do you know that gets smashed glass all over them the skin and everything this show patched up victims before giving its whole drinks as a nation which is never suffered at the hands of terrorists before he says norwegians just didn't know how to react. or launched from from course some of the buildings. also in the fish old things gaming yeah rolling all this man's wife suffered severe short when their windows were blown out by the last but he says they're lucky to be alone with his thoughts go out to the many young victims of the second attack i think about well there's
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a machine some. of the guys here. that. this is just the two atrocities produced many acts of heroism which is the dust settles on the world's worst mass shooting experts say there's also boise anger that the attacks were allowed to happen in the first place bangle truth or ignore dozens of hate messages from suspect. you haven't really been prepared for right wing extremism brave expressed fury at the government's open door policy on immigration it numerous blogs and twitter feeds and lists that the shootings may reflect a growing national look position to feel immigration policies the political establishment of norway are relatively well off people but they live in areas where there are simply no immigrants. there's a poor people in northern being pushed out of places they used to live live in and
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it's also their drugs that are in jeopardy muslims claim this disappointment that the killer turned out to be voids they want this guy to be muslim although muslim you know. it's for them it's a little bit strange because he's in the region so they talk too much about them under about us. it's not good norwegians are said to be fed up with their brand of what's been dubbed radical liberalism it's the country's multicultural policies that turn the government against his own playing the way the far right sentiment. ready to admit and there's a polite and respectful attitude towards that kind of thing and in mainstream media but the reality is that fifty percent of the generals are against multiculturalism as people here try to pick up the pieces and bring meaning to this twitter tiger
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already thing it will sell relations between communities some expect the crackdown by police on the e.u. growing for right movements while others fear this will only fuel resentment against europe's muslims victims are beginning to piece spoke together the shouts of lawyers but the experts warn this might not be the last such a time as outrage at the perceived failure of a multicultural society grows the new bush will see cause look well father son who knows the suspect personally told r.t. that he was shocked by the news but also as a place where radicalism is in the air. i could not imagine i'm not even do you imagine that you can do that and not have been brainwashed. he never came across as some kind of religious fanatic or anything i mean i knew that he was religious but it wasn't like prying to irk you or anyone saying you know he just i just.
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it was really just pretty much i would more describe. employee by spirit baby sometimes always. going to be angry that he would be the second person but they already. know not more than that i did not get a bit through ideological. bias conversation on the other hand do just have to look around. and like. all people who all have very radical religious views all the way ranging from white knuckling christian and then you have people who work with the left and obviously managed to find right wing groups so i'm not generally surprised that people find very very mighty so then throw us well it's basically like if you're poison which
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wrong way you want to. now the whole world is discussing what lies behind the atrocity and you can join the debate on our web site r t v dot com ed it's so far the majority think that sheer fanaticism is to blame well fewer people see the tension stemmed from multiculturalism they have eight percent believing the reason is global terrorism which penetrates everywhere and the rest say it's down to the failure of security forces a log on to argue dot com and have your say. and still ahead for you in the program nato begins to go over control of afghan provinces to local army forces but many question if they're really up to the job. plus we'll hear from campaigners against u.s. drone attacks in pakistan who want to far a lawsuit
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a former cia legal chief for approving attacks that killed hundreds of innocent people. greece let out a sigh of relief this week as after long talks leaders finally agreed on how to help the country avoid defaulting on its debts a lot this will now receive a new bailout worth an estimated one hundred and mine billion euros well the plan was agreed after greece approved a severe a sturdy measures sending thousands onto the streets in protest the rescue will also involve lowering interest rates on greek debt and extending the repayment period the package also doubles the time given to bankrupt poor should go and are led to pay back their own loans meanwhile spain which has the highest unemployment rate in the eurozone falseness are protesters converge on madrid on saturday they camped out in the city center after marching from across the country well for more on where the eurozone is headed we can now talk to financial analysts in most of
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the guys report here on our team max kaiser thank you very much for being on the program with us now the fact that a second bailout was given to greece does say something about what they think is the answer to the problems to do you agree that this is a right move for greece to save its economy and where does it stop will a third of fourth or even fifth bailout be needed. well what it does is it increases the amount of debt and increases the amount of debt in the eurozone it is greece of the amount of debt in greece so this is a plan cooked up by bankers do repackage research. that's what they do in a crowds out the real economy so if they think that this is going to help the economy grow their way to a position of paying off this debt or paying the interest on the debt that's not going to happen because by giving bankers more dead to control the productive part of the economy you are eliminating that part of the economy's ability to pay off this debt so the banking cancer is just becoming worse in the eurozone and worse in
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greece piers talking about the costs of a second bailout or so are you saying that there are absolutely no pros to giving greece a second bailout while it's going up the banks there are not bailing out the workers or the people who are on the ground so to speak and bailing out european banks they're bailing out wall street banks they're bailing out other banks and so doing they're increasing the debt load so it's making the situation much worse and they're crowding out any ability for the work workers in greece to generate enough income to pay off this debt this is consigning the population to debt service. ok let's look at what german chancellor angela merkel said well back in germany spain the bulk of the bailout now she commented saying that the euro is good for us and that europe without the euro is unthinkable is it i think of all. well it's great for germany because they now have all the pieces in place to
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reestablish what i would you know their say is a fourth reich they have the ability now to control the entire eurozone through the german banking system or reunify germany with purview over the entire european banking zone and they get to lord over the countries like greece portugal spain and this is great for germany as long as they keep the euro at a level that they want great for their export market doesn't help greece no because of health ireland you know does it help portugal absolutely not ok let's look quickly at what are the protests in spain for example a country and economy that said that was said as it's being too big to fail the unemployment is very high now we've seen violent rallies increase that didn't do anything to stop a steady measures how can ordinary people actually do anything here you said the second bailout does nothing for ordinary people will protesting be any help or are they just wasting their time. well let's let's keep in mind that whatever the bailout package is to help bail out banks will save two hundred ten billion euros
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for example it's still easy for these bankers driven by wall street bankers to create ten times that amount and derivative contracts and credit default swaps and make it part of the fault law because they are ability to create derivatives to game the system to remember the reason why greece is failing is because the banks are gaming the system and causing it to fail because they make more money on the insurance than they lose on the bonds it's all about gaming the system and this will continue whether spain and italy are big enough or the right size next for the banks on wall street in europe to purposely crash these economies to make money on the insurance will save my guess is absolutely yes ok now let's look across the atlantic to the u.s. now that the u.s. is having sources default if it doesn't racist debt ceiling by the second of august but we've seen or heard both democrats and republicans can't seem to agree we see block outs from their meeting so why are they keeping up with their political bickering if we can call it when the situation is so serious. well the republicans
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are they have a long history and they're deeply racist they don't like barack obama along racial lines and they're trying to commit a financial lynching and they want to make it look bad and to paint him as being ineffective out of the election it's as simple as that because on a technical basis the debt ceiling argument is meaningless the debt ceiling been green's twenty times in the past it's never caused any calamity whatsoever the republicans and now the rating agencies complicit as they were complicit in destroying the european economies now have them complicit in attacking the american economy by saying that debt ceiling is somehow part and parcel of america's credit rating or credit worthiness this is this is put together by the republican party as a personal attack racially motivated against barack obama look at the party who is in the party if you look at their history they're all racists ok well thank you
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very much for your analysis there rocks kaiser financial listen host of the kaiser report here on r.t. . well this week the phone hacking and police bribery scandal was taken to the british parliament rupert murdoch his son james and a former u.k. c.e.o. rebecca brooks were all grilled by british lawmakers for several hours well the trio say said they were deeply sorry for what happened whatever new allegations have emerged that the news international chairman james murdoch misled the m.p.c. by saying he was unaware of the true extent of illicit phone tapping by his company's reporters the murdoch's could now face legal challenges in the u.s. over claims the voice mails of nine eleven victims were also targeted meanwhile of britain's hacking scandal appears to be spreading beyond the murdoch empire with claims the sunday mirror tabloid also blogs celebrities voicemail messages bizarre to reports critics believe the issue is just the tip of the iceberg and society
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that no longer values individual privacy. as the scandal over phone hacking by the murdoch media empire rages on public and political theory has mainly focused on ruthless tabloids out of control prepared to invade people's private lives and even the dad to get the story but some say in this day and age the whole concept of privacy is falling apart and in the u.s. more rapidly than elsewhere every time you tap on your cell or click on google or use your meal service everybody's sort of just clicks through that you agree to our terms and conditions well those terms and conditions are very very heavily weighted against you and your privacy interests and we see breaches of privacy happen in regimes all across america all across the world really in every sector surveillance is rampant but really this is all a microcosm of the biggest surveille are all which is to say there's little
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americans can do with the state having sweeping access to their private information access that followed the nine eleven terrorist attacks under a new law known as the patriot act asana law his privacy was taken away from him in two thousand and two when he was detained by the f.b.i. for absolutely no reason he says and scrutinized for months without charge his response for nine years he has voluntarily documented nearly every waking hour of his life on the web he has subsequently even turned it into a form of art see all the toilets that i've used so you know that over here for example you know that on sunday november twenty fourth two thousand and seven uses toilet i went grocery shopping at safeway over there were seventy they got castle over here he posts copies of every debit card transaction so you can see what he bought where and when a g.p.s. device in his pocket reports his real time physical location on a map and this is the shot he took on his way to our studio which was immediately
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out loaded on his website has. john says his extraordinary abandonment of his own privacy stems from the ignorance of the authorities in the fear they decided well that guy looks a little different so he must be arab and if he's arab then he must have explosives everyone knows that that's a logical operation we we realize how ridiculous that logic sounds but when your country when your own country takes on as the basis for national policy. ignorance is the basis of national policy is a pretty scary situation. and that's how i got caught up for haasan privacy has become a rally of the past and he says he's not surprised that journalists or anyone else really would use the same surveillance tactics as the state in that sense it might be of no surprise that the chief architect of the putrid act the lawyer who put it together happens to be one of murdoch's hand-picked new score board directors you
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served as assistant attorney general in the bush administration and was described by some as the purview of the most sweeping curtailment of freedom in the u.s. system across the era at a time when corporations and the government can easily hack into people's private lives it doesn't come as a surprise when for example social networks give your personal information and companies or when other industries leave bob breaching the privacy in the u.s. it's so widespread and people have gotten so used to it that rupert murdoch seems to be perfect part of the system rather than some special bill and with corporation has been undertaking some unique all lawful practices because here in america they're not so unique i'm going to check our reporting from washington r.t. both are more news on comments on the financial woes gripping the world head to our dot com here's a taste of what else is there right now a cover of bohemian mystery i'll find out why every july since the eighteenth
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eighties californian world seven filled with some of the most wealthy and powerful man in the world. added russians rushed to stock up on painkillers as the government prepares to make pills containing available by prescription only to find out why the move has cost controversy all these at r.t. dot com. our emergency services have recovered more bodies from the russian pleasure boat that's in the volga river two weeks ago. killing one hundred twenty people over the wreckage ship has been lifted from the bottom and towed to shallow waters the task is now to drain the hole so investigators can examine the vessel in detail to determine the exact cause of the tragedy where the search continues for two others whose fate remains on the mill and it's believed their bodies could still be trapped inside it will gary went down within minutes on the tenth of july of drowning more than half of its two hundred passengers the goats owner is now under investigation and two people have already been charged with
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violating safety regulations. and now to some other stories making headlines around the globe almost a day after two high speed trains crash in china killing thirty five people and injuring two hundred rescuers pulled a small toddler from the wreckage one of the a bullet trains was forced to stop after being struck by lightning and was then hit by the second train from behind two of the coaches fell for her bridge as a result of the crash it was the first the real that of china's high speed rail network since the country launched a bullet trains in two thousand and seven. a car bomb has killed eight soldiers in yemen school city of aden the glass to place near the entrance of an army camp as a convoy of vehicles packed with troops was about to leave officials said they were being sent to fight al qaeda linked militants in a nearby province of the country has been hit by months of anti-government protests including clashes between security forces and armed groups.
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a host of celebrities and friends have been paying tribute to amy winehouse the british soldier as diva was found dead in her london flat on saturday police say the cause of her death remains unexplained the twenty seven year old star one of myriad of awards including a five grammys for her music and have been hailed as one of the most talented singers of her age or her success was often overshadowed by a well documented battle with drugs and alcohol and also the subject of her hit song rehab last month she cancelled her european tour after being booed off stage during a performance in serbia. there were the latest operations led by nato and afghan forces sixteen insurgents have been killed in the country south the raid it comes in response to renewed its howl about activity as nato begins a gradual withdrawal from afghanistan well the plan is to recall all of foreign
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combat troops by the end of twenty fourteen nato has a new combat military. roger of the contrary general john allen one quote tough times ahead for the war effort earlier this month the afghan president's half brother was assassinated i want cars and in a separate incident might have had a car sized top advisers has also got down as you are activist brian becker thinks the u.s. led coalition is losing ground in afghanistan well the number of casualties continues to rise they can't win by staying in fact their presence is becoming the main catalyst for the armed insurgency not only the taliban but maybe one hundred forty armed groups and they can't leave either because if they leave there will be a perception that the u.s. and nato were defeated by an armed insurgency but this dilemma must be solved some way so ultimately the united states cannot prevail the assassination of karzai as brother and his inner circle shows that the edifice of the karzai regime necessary
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at least to get afghan face to the nato occupation that itself is now crumbling these armed attacks these assassination attempts are designed to create panic and i think in all likelihood they are creating panic within a very heart the foundation of the karzai government the u.s. is losing grown steadily it's spending one hundred twenty billion dollars a year that's an increasing amount from the treasury that's already drained based on huge budget deficits here the number of casualties on the afghan and american side is is increasing not decreasing and yet they're no closer to victory in fact they're losing control of the country and the government of a sponsor is is in fact in danger of crumbling i would say the u.s. isn't going to anything i think the u.s. is losing ground and spite of what david petraeus and the obama administration say this is a bad situation possibly a catastrophe for the united states. the u.s. has been carrying out unmanned drone strikes in pakistan for years but now one of
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the masterminds of the attacks is in the crosshairs and self former cia official john rizzo faces a lawsuit over civilian casualties and human rights lawyer said the families of victims are seeking an arrest warrant against him it's going to result approved a list of targets for the drone strikes which often resulted in this course of civilian deaths tara beurre is a member of the campaign group that's bringing the action against reso and she told r.t. that washington must be held to account for its operations in pakistan. that's part of these drones have been operating in pakistan in the federal parliament straight and tribal areas part time and they've been operating in secret by the cia and they've been killing indiscriminately hundreds of civilians and so the purpose of this is this hopefully to get subtribes parents out of the cia and out of obama and sued to get some justice on behalf of the victims of these drone strikes as we know
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the u.s. is not a war in pakistan the u.s. it is operating extra legally by carrying out these drone strikes in pakistan in yemen and somalia and in terms of it being disproportionate you know we have numbers coming out of pakistan that indicate that you know for every one suspected militants being killed one hundred forty. civilians are dying as a result of these strikes and so if those numbers are correct you know we have people on the ground who are who are gathering information who are doing the investigation and trying to collect the information so that we can bring a more transparent more honest picture to the public about what's happening in pakistan. shortly we talked to a man who reached out beyond earth sadness fear and became one of a select few ever have own that's after a recap of the week's top stories coming to you in just a few moments. for
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from. the future coverage. of simplicial disciplinary punishment. as you keep. your. good the penitentiary system transform a criminal into a law abiding citizen. presumes life behind bars on our key wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause a report.


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